Terms and conditions for rental properties

The property is rented by Costa Brava Connections SCP, Assutzena 5, Begur 17255 as agents acting on behalf of the owners to the tenant under the following terms and any booking is conditional on agreement to these terms. 

Your agreement of these terms and conditions will be deemed confirmed unless you expressly have our agreement, in writing, to waive any of the following clauses.      




The Advertiser lets the specified property (rental object) to the Tenant:

  • The maximum number of people will be specified for the property and will be strictly enforced. Extra persons will deem the rental agreement invalid and the agents will request the extra people to leave at the sole discretion of Costa Brava Connections management. This applies equally to all children over the age of 2 years.
  • The rental does not include pets unless expressly agreed in advance. There will be a charge for each pet, if allowed, to be agreed in advance of arrival.   
  • The rental property is fully equipped and furnished as is let with the furnishings: Bed and bath linen (the following items:  sheets, throws, etc., and 2 towels per person  
  • The Tenant is entitled to use the following equipment / furnishings during the rental period: Swimming pool, garden, garden furniture,all furniture,  fixtures and fittings.    
  • The Tenant receives 1 set of keys for the duration of the rental period which must be returned on the day of departure.         
  • If for any unforseen circumstance the reservation has to be cancelled by the advertiser alternative accommodation will be sought and offered to the tenant. If this is deemed unacceptable by the tenant full refund of any monies paid will be made to the tenant. No compensation will be deemed liable to the tenant if the suitable alternative accommodation is not accepted. 
  • Should the Tenant choose to depart before the end of the contract, for whatever reason, the full rental rate will be applied there will be no refund of any part of the rental rate paid.
  • The advertiser rents the property in good faith as advertised. Should there be a failure in service provided by a third party, beyond the control of the advertiser, such as power, water, gas, telephone, road closures etc., the advertiser will not be held responsible in any way. The agency will keep the tenant appraised of the situation and endeavour to seek speedy restoration of service.

 Rental period, arrival and departure 

  • The rental property is let to the Tenant from an agreed arrival date until an agreed departure date as specified in correspondence at time of reservation. 
  • The arrival time on the arrival day is between 4 and 8pm unless expressly agreed otherwise. 
  • The departure time on the day of departure  is before10 am.           
  • At the end of the rental period the Tenant is to vacate the property and return the keys to Costa Brava Connections agent. 
  • At the end of the rental period the Tenant should leave the property in similar condition to that in which it was found.  Any additional cleaning costs incurred by Costa Brava Connections may be passed on to the Tenant at their sole discretion.   

Rental price and payment methods

  • The rental price is agreed on reservation and is in euros per week / for the duration of the rental period unless agreed in writing otherwise.
  • This includes the final cost of cleaning of subject to the house been left in a reasonable condition any additional cleaning costs will be charged at 20 euros per hour. All rubbish/garbage must be removed from the property prior to departure. Should this not be the case a charge for such removal shall be levied.
  • The cost of electricity, water and heating is included in the rental price. 
  • The amount is payable by the following payment methods: By bank transfer in Euros 40% within fourteen days of the agreed booking and the balance 8 weeks prior to arrival. The agency will not send you a reminder of your final payment. Please make a note of the date your payment is due.
  • A security deposit of 200 euros  is payable in  CASH  on arrival and will be transferred back / refunded in by post within two weeks of departure once  any extra charges if incurred are deducted. 
  • Cancellation charges: Up to 8 weeks 40% cancellation charge, 4 to 8 weeks 75% cancellation charge, Less than 4 weeks before rental period 100 % of rental price. 
  • The Advertiser can thereafter let the property to someone else
  • If the Tenant terminates their stay before the departure date for any reason, they are still obliged to pay the full rental price. 
  • Termination must be made in writing. The date of termination is considered to be date the document is received by the agency.  
  • Should the tenant request a discount this will be discussed with the owners and if agreed applied. If not agreed there will be no consideration applied to the rent.


  • Liability and responsibilities of the Tenant          


  • The rental property including the furniture and the other contents are to be treated with care. The Tenant is held responsible for the actions of other people, including any guests or visitors they might have, within the house.
  •  The Tenant is liable for any damaged goods, damage to the property or damage to anything else related to the property (e.g. boat or car), whether caused by themselves or their accompanying guests or visitors.     
  • The house is to be maintained in a clean and orderly state. All rubbish must be removed on a regular basis and at the end of the tenancy.
  • Food and drink left lying around will encourage ants, flies and mosquitos so must be covered or stored away.
  • Faults that are found before or during the rental period are to be reported to the Agency immediately in order that they can be addressed.
  • Animals are not allowed (see first section). 
  • Adequate personal holiday insurance must be in place before you arrive. Standard insurance liability for tenants in Spain is limited and will not cover your losses in case of breaking and entering.

House rules

  • The Tenant agrees to follow the house rules apart from those in this document. These are provided in each particular property and specific to that property.  


  • Adequate insurance is essential. Your booking may not be accepted unless insurance arrangements have been made.  If you chose to travel without adequate insurance cover, we will not be liable for any losses howsoever arising, in respect of which insurance cover would otherwise have been available. 
  • Security is essential. You are expected to leave the house securely closed with all shutters, security gates and doors locked. We cannot accept responsibility for any losses should security not be maintained.
  • Should we cancel your reservation and be unable to offer alternative accommodation, we will limit compensation to the amount of the excess of your insurance policy. The maximum amount we shall be liable to pay will be only payable on behalf of the person/s affected in total. This amount will only be payable when everything has gone wrong and you and your party have not received any benefit at all from your booking.


  • At all times during your stay you are expected to have consideration for the property and all third parties. If in the opinion of our representatives, the owners, the police or any other person in authority you appear to be behaving in a manner in which you cause a nuisance, danger or distress to third parties, property or cause a delay in the rental of any third party we will ask you to leave and we will have no further liability to you and will not meet any expenses you incur as a result.  


  • You will be required to pay for any damage or losses caused by you or any member of your party. Full payment must be made before you leave to either the owner of the property or the agency. If you fail to make payment you will be responsible for making any payments, resulting from any claim (including legal costs), subsequently made against us as a consequence of your actions together with all costs we incur in pursuing any claim.

No arrival

  • If you fail to arrive for whatever reason we will not be held liable for any loss not covered by your insurance  policy.                                                                                                             

Contract wording and clause 

  1. Changes and alterations to the contract are required to be in writing. 
  2. If any of the legal requirements set out in this contract are inoperative or impractical, or become so after completion of the contract, the effectiveness of the remainder of the contract will not be affected. 
  3. This contract relates to the laws of Catalonia where any dispute will be arbitrated in the Court of Arbitration in La Bisbal de L'Emporda.


  • The Costa Brava is hilly. Most of our villas have a number of steps if you or a member of your party has restricted mobility please check with us first before confirming your reservation and we can advise whether that particular villa is suitable for your party.